Thursday, August 07, 2008

Water Damaged iPhone : Can be fixed :)

It happened yesterday that I inadvertantly wet my iPhone. It didn't stop working rightaway but it started to behave erratic and ultimately died on me. Panicked striken was me and for a moment I seriously felt like something was missing. Althought , I had already planned to buy the new iPhone 3G.

Called the Apple Support, which unsurprisingly kept me on hold for close to 35 minutes. I had never owned an Apple product but had always heard about their prompt and friendly customer service. The wait was definitely worth it and moreover I had no choice but to wait.

Customer service was excellent. The agent tried to troubleshoot but in vain. He asked me what went wrong and how? and offcourse I made up stories ;). Couldnt tell him it was water damaged, but attention, the gurus at Apple has found a solution to this masquerading. You just cant make up stories, if your iPhone is water-damaged or abused, they will find it out and hence your warranty wont cover it.

So how do they find out: there is a sensor right at the bottom of your ear-phone jack which turns Red from pristine White incase of a water-damaged. And that was the case with mine too.

Keeping my fingers crossed, I started searching on google on how to deal with this crises :) . I want to call it a crisis because it really was, like I said having it not working was like something really missing ;).
Thank Goodness , I reached this site:

Where fellow iPhone user who went through the similar horrendous situations were able to fix their respective phones. Simiple solution place your phone inside a rice bag and let it suck up all the moisture from it. I did as told, lo and behold, after 18 hours of nail-biting wait, it finally worked :) . Smiles all over the place my phone is back to normal. "My Precious" afterall :D


Anonymous said...

This is what worked for my iPhone

Raija Lindström said...

Before iPhone really don't have any repair services.But now a days a water damage iPhone really really fixed by any repair shop for iPhone.